IUI #2 and the TWW

The “donation” has been made; the wife made her stop at the doctor; she has signed the waiver about multiples; the ovulation should be happening about now; which means it is time for the dreaded and wickedly long two-week-wait (TWW). I’m going to admit, I was no good the last time around. I was anxious, […]

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Back In Business

It’s been a while, too long in all honesty. The past couple weeks have not been boring, they have not been empty, nor have they been void of personal and marital learning opportunities or anxiety ridden drives to the doctor. I’m going to leave most of the personal things personal, it’s just how I’m going […]

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BFN – Full Speed Ahead

So, from the title you can guess what Tuesday’s beta test results were. A big old whomp-whomp of “not this month”. Normally I try and add a little humor to my writing, but it’s just not going to happen today. Now, I can tell you that we sort of expected this result. There were no […]

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Infertility FAQs

Originally posted on Long Story Short:
I’ve been pretty public about my infertility battle, mainly for two reasons: First, I realize I can’t do it alone. There are times of joy and times of utter devastation- and I need my awesome community of friends and family to celebrate and grieve with me through it. So…

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