The wife’s IUI perspective

My first IUI was yesterday morning and it was a relatively normal experience.  My husband went in at 8 AM to provide the goods, and I went in at 10 for the insemination.  The PA who did the procedure came in to explain everything before she started and told me some pretty interesting facts.  Did […]

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New Cycle: New Hope

So, the last month didn’t quite go as planned. As I explained here, the latest attempt to create the follicle response needed for an IUI didn’t happen like the doctors or us hoped. But, we met with the doctor, and he assured us that we shouldn’t lose hope, we shouldn’t let ourselves get too down, […]

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Duck Follicles

I was planning on writing a happy update this morning about this morning’s ultrasound. I was hoping to write about how I love making my wife laugh while she strips off her pants and waits for the tech. I had been doing research on IUIs because I wanted this post to be about us moving […]

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How to Coast Like an Expert

So this is the very delayed update to this post from last week. We made our way through traffic Friday morning for the CD9 ultrasound. For reference, the wife was on Femara for 5 days and then did two 75ml injections of Follistim. We didn’t quite know what to expect going into the appointment because […]

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There Will Be Blood

We’ll call it a Thanksgiving miracle. Or maybe it’s just good karma from being nice with our families. Or it could be simply us being rewarded for our patience. Or most likely our doctors know what they’re doing and their strategies are finally working. What am I talking about? Well, as of yesterday my wife […]

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New Month – New Opportunity

After 10 days of pills and 2 weeks (almost) of waiting for my wife’s (not so) monthly visitor (which never arrived), we’re finally set to start again on the process of kicking mother nature’s ass until she gets off her butt and starts working as promised again. Monday, my wife is set to talk, meet […]

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