Bring On 2015 – I Dare You

Despite what I’ve been writing on this blog, I must admit to everyone that 2014 has been a pretty good year. The wife and I have traveled to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, seen family in Ohio and Chicago, went on a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, celebrated our one year anniversary, ran two […]

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A Word From “The Wife”

First, an update for everyone (from the wife herself):  After the progesterone shot the day of the last formal meeting with the doctor, another period came!   It came on Wednesday, which was a pleasant surprise for a couple of reasons.  It means this drug induced-period thing that the doctors have been trying for the last […]

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New Cycle: New Hope

So, the last month didn’t quite go as planned. As I explained here, the latest attempt to create the follicle response needed for an IUI didn’t happen like the doctors or us hoped. But, we met with the doctor, and he assured us that we shouldn’t lose hope, we shouldn’t let ourselves get too down, […]

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Duck Follicles

I was planning on writing a happy update this morning about this morning’s ultrasound. I was hoping to write about how I love making my wife laugh while she strips off her pants and waits for the tech. I had been doing research on IUIs because I wanted this post to be about us moving […]

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How to Coast Like an Expert

So this is the very delayed update to this post from last week. We made our way through traffic Friday morning for the CD9 ultrasound. For reference, the wife was on Femara for 5 days and then did two 75ml injections of Follistim. We didn’t quite know what to expect going into the appointment because […]

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