IUI #2 and the TWW

The “donation” has been made; the wife made her stop at the doctor; she has signed the waiver about multiples; the ovulation should be happening about now; which means it is time for the dreaded and wickedly long two-week-wait (TWW).

two week wait

I’m going to admit, I was no good the last time around. I was anxious, overly optimistic, impatient, and pretty much everything else I could be that made the two weeks seem impossibly long while also setting myself up for disappointment. This time, thanks to a bit of experience and a loving wife, will be different.


To help us stay sane during this time around, we’re going to be taking a top from this couple. My wife found this post, either on WordPress or Pinterest, I honestly can’t remember, and we decided it was a great idea. With about a dozen days left to go, we’ve been good so far, but we know any night now we’re going to get into a fit of googling or impatience, which is why this couple’s idea of a jar full of TWW distractions is perfect.

Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

  • Take dog to the park
  • Clean closet
  • Work on the garden
  • Watch movie on Netflix
  • Play a board game
  • Do yoga together
  • Bake
  • Cook a new recipe
  • Ride bikes
  • Go out to a movie
  • Get Chinese takeout
  • Mow the yard
  • Rake the yard
  • Write blog posts (each of us)

In all we came up with a couple dozen ideas split between chores and fun activities. I wouldn’t be amazed if we pull the first one out of the jar tonight or tomorrow night. I’m really hoping that we don’t chose a chore with our first selection or I’ll 100% be tempted to call a mulligan.


Anyway – 2 days down, 12 more to go until the test. No symptoms so far simply because it’s WAAAY too soon to even be thinking of looking for them. Updates later.



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