Infertility FAQs

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Long Story Short

infertility faq piq

I’ve been pretty public about my infertility battle, mainly for two reasons:

First, I realize I can’t do it alone. There are times of joy and times of utter devastation- and I need my awesome community of friends and family to celebrate and grieve with me through it. So for those of you who are a part, thank you.

The second reason I’ve been pretty public with my battle is that I realize there are plenty of women out there who are hurting and celebrating and riding the infertility roller coaster alone. I hope that somehow, my posts will give them courage to talk to their community and feel the comfort of mine.

That being said, I get a LOT of frequently asked questions about my infertility. Infertility can sometimes be the elephant in the room- everyone wonders what’s going on but no one knows how to get the…

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