To Tell or Not to Tell?

No really, I want to know from anyone who might actually read this (according to WP, that’s about all of 85 people in about a month. WOO!!), when did you tell your parents/loved ones about your desire to start trying for a baby and your infertility experiences? Also, how often did you update them afterward? […]

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Timing is Everything

In life, timing is everything. As after my wife’s appointment Monday we learned that the timing for this month is simply not going to work out. While everyone involved really wanted to get on the Femara, Follistim, Ovidrel, IUI path, our Thanksgiving holiday travel plans are forcing us to put everything off for a month. […]

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New Month – New Opportunity

After 10 days of pills and 2 weeks (almost) of waiting for my wife’s (not so) monthly visitor (which never arrived), we’re finally set to start again on the process of kicking mother nature’s ass until she gets off her butt and starts working as promised again. Monday, my wife is set to talk, meet […]

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Waiting Sucks

Taking a break from the educational series on the reproductive system that should have happened in 7th grade; today I’d like to rant about how much waiting sucks on every. single. level. As my wife and I work toward adding a new level of complexity to¬†every single future vacation (we’re pretending like we’ll get to […]

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Hormones: My New Nemesis

If you had asked me a year ago to name as many hormones as possible, I may have been able to remember both testosterone and estrogen. Little did I know that my basic knowledge of the endocrine system was not only inadequate, but completely useless. When it comes to sweet, sweet baby-making, it turns out […]

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