The wife’s IUI perspective

My first IUI was yesterday morning and it was a relatively normal experience.  My husband went in at 8 AM to provide the goods, and I went in at 10 for the insemination.  The PA who did the procedure came in to explain everything before she started and told me some pretty interesting facts.  Did […]

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Donation and IUI Time

Tomorrow morning will both be an exciting day and a weird day for us. That’s because tomorrow morning I will give my “donation” to be washed and given a pep talk before being shot directly into my wife, where hopefully a little egg or two will be waiting. It’s exciting because two weeks from tomorrow (god, […]

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Utah mom who went viral after ultrasound reaction gives birth to quadruplets

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Ashley Gardner reacts to seeing quadruplets on her ultrasound. PLEASANT GROVE, Utah – After Ashley Gardner’s joyous shock at seeing four babies on an ultrasound was posted online earlier this year, she and her husband’s story of an 8-year struggle with infertility went viral; on Sunday, the Gardner’s welcomed Esme,…

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Onward, To The Great Unknown

After reading all of your blogs over the past few months I almost feel a guilty writing today’s update because it comes from a place of pure happiness. Today was my wife’s cd10 “checkup” and while I can say we both went into the doctor’s office with high hopes, I think both of us were […]

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