I Don’t Know How Some Of You Do This?

The wife and I are in the middle of the mind-numbing, anxiety-inducing, stress-in-a-barrel two-week wait. (yay for hyphens)

The wife’s IUI was last Tuesday, meaning we won’t know if she’s pregnant or not for another week. For the first couple days we both laughed about how much we’re going to hate waiting, but it wasn’t that bad (at least for me). Now, halfway through, we’re both about ready to buy every pregnancy test at Walgreens and have her take one every 6-8 hours from now until the blood draw. My wife seems like she is OK with this plan, even though we both know that taking her peeing on a stick tonight wouldn’t really tell us anything for sure.

Two Week Wait Watermarked

The two-week wait is such a big thing that there are many websites decided to dealing with it. But, here’s the problem, none of that advice is helpful. It pretty much boils down to: keep busy, try and not think about it, and think positive. Don’t get me wrong, on a basic level, that’s decent advice, but if someone told me in person that those were the keys to happiness during these two weeks I’d want to kick them in the shins and curse them with funny bone numbness for the rest of the day.

First, if the wait was a day or two, you can fill up the time with working out and work and the dog and such, but two weeks? You can’t keep yourself constantly busy for two weeks and still except to be able to afford the blood test down the line. Second, you can’t just will yourself to not think about something, just attempting to do that means you’re thinking about the thing you don’t want to think about.


So here’s my tip to surviving the two-week wait: accept that you have zero control over the situation, stay positive, pray however much you feel comfortable, and yell “baby” into you wife’s uterus at least once a day. I know what you’re saying, “that advice isn’t any better”. I can hear it through your screen. Well, you’re right, it’s not. But it’s all I have. We’ve been waiting for less than a week and I’m already somewhere between anxiety -ridden, impatient, and criminally insane. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll both make it through, with at least part of our sanity intact. But I have to believe at this point that this two-week wait is mother nature’s way of screwing with us.

patience in sand

As the title of this post says: I really don’t know how you guys do it.

So, what’s your advice?


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How Some Of You Do This?

  1. Staying busy helped. My 2ww was around the holidays which was good and bad. I had stuff to do but the stress really made me want a glass of wine or a shot of vodka, obviously a bad idea. You are right, it is difficult to stay busy for the entire time. I had days when I knew it worked and days when I knew it didn’t. Keep shouting baby at your wife’s uterus. At least you can laugh at that. Sorry I don’t have any good advice. I don’t think there is any. If it does work, you will have a 4ww til your u/s. The waiting drives everyone completely insane if that helps.

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  2. There isn’t any good advice because TWW just plain sucks, especially when you’re doing fertility treatments! On the one hand you want to believe that because of the treatment you’re that much more likely to get the desired result, on the other hand you need fertility treatments so you’re kind of used to being disappointed. Hoping time starts moving faster for all of us anxiously awaiting our BFPs.


    1. Accepting that the now sucks but it will be over eventually – that helps. Aside from that, not much. It’s definitely something to be endured, but if you can find the little joys that helps. I’ve found having a good book to listen to and allowing myself to get both really excited and pretty disappointed help. Give yourself permission to let the emotions be what they will be. Oh, and maybe go for a run with some jaunty music.
      Good luck!


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