The wife’s IUI perspective

My first IUI was yesterday morning and it was a relatively normal experience.  My husband went in at 8 AM to provide the goods, and I went in at 10 for the insemination.  The PA who did the procedure came in to explain everything before she started and told me some pretty interesting facts.  Did you know that once the semen is placed past the cervix that those little guys can live in there, just swimming around, for up to seven days?!?  This astounded me!  The PA said that they time the IUI before they expect ovulation so the little guys are hanging out and just waiting for the egg(s) to come greet them.  Aside from this very interesting piece of information, the whole appointment was pretty boring.  I spread my legs, they do their thing for a minute, I lie on my back for about ten minutes, then I hand over the credit card.

Obviously, waiting two weeks to find out if I’m pregnant is going to be the hardest part in all of this.  I don’t know about all the other infertiles out there, but I find myself constantly googling things like “How soon will I notice pregnancy symptoms?” and “How long does it take for a fertilized egg to implant?”  You’d think I’d know these things as an educated woman, but I must have missed all that in Biology.  I know it will be easier if I keep my mind off the whole two-week wait, but sometimes I just can’t resist reading an article or blog or ten.

So far I’ve had a little bit of cramping, mostly the evening of the IUI, but I am definitely hypersensitive to any kind of twinge or discomfort.  I’m hoping for some real symptoms of pregnancy, but that won’t be for several days/weeks. I don’t have a whole lot to say right now, but hopefully I’ll be able to post some good news soon!


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