How to announce your pregnancy to your infertile friend

Awaiting Autumn

I should revise this title to be “how to announce your pregnancy” as I don’t think there needs to be a strong differentiation if you have friends who are struggling to conceive.

Any announcement should be based on one principle alone: how close your relationship is.

If do you want to keep an infertile friend in mind, here are my recommendations for how to unveil your joyful news:

Select a medium for your message

As much as your plan to announce in front of the entire family at Great-Grandma Betty’s 95th birthday sounds like an awesome opportunity, it’s probably going to place your infertile friend or family member in an awkward position. If your heart is set on a face-to-face group announcement, I highly suggest you give your friend a private heads up before the day. Let them have an opportunity to decide whether they want to be there or not.


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