A Word From “The Wife”

First, an update for everyone (from the wife herself):  After the progesterone shot the day of the last formal meeting with the doctor, another period came!   It came on Wednesday, which was a pleasant surprise for a couple of reasons.  It means this drug induced-period thing that the doctors have been trying for the last 6 or 7 months has finally worked more than once!  It also means my next cycle starts about 5 days earlier than if it had not come at all (which is what I was expecting to happen).

Now we are back to hot-flash producing, tired feeling Femara for 5 days and Follistim for 3 days, then another U/S this upcoming Friday to see how things are working.  There may be some Menopur shots in my future, as well, depending on how that Friday appointment goes.  I’m sure my hubby said it last cycle, but I feel good about this one, which brings me to my next point, staying positive.

Staying positive is possibly the hardest thing for a woman (and probably her partner too) to do during an experience like this.  Now, I know I’m not going through my third IVF or anything at this point (still trying to make the environment just right for IUI), but each month of trying has been getting my hopes way up just to be shot right down.

I want to believe so badly that this month is the one, and I really don’t want to stop thinking that, even though it may end in pouting and tears.  Last month was the first month I actually cried at the doctor’s office when they told me my follicles didn’t grow enough and the cycle would be canceled.  After a couple of days I was ready to pick myself back up out of my sadness and slight depression and begin my hope and optimism for the next cycle, but it wasn’t easy.

I guess my point is, if anyone out there is reading about this, that there is someone else out there that knows how difficult these trying times are, regardless of what point in trying to conceive you are.  Sometimes I feel a little bit guilty for being so down when we’ve really only been seeing our reproductive endocrinologist for 5 months and others have been dealing with their struggle for much longer.  As challenging as it may be, I need to remind myself that it’s ok to be upset sometimes, but positivity is necessary to keep getting through cycle after cycle so that we can try and come through the other side with a little bundle.



4 thoughts on “A Word From “The Wife”

  1. I love reading your hubby’s blog and knowing other couples out there are sharing out struggle. We are about to embark on the injection/ IUI journey, and your posts are helpful. I like the open honesty and I don’t think you should ever feel guilty for getting down. Keep sharing your story and know there are those of us out there thinking about you and hoping for the best 🙂 This is YOUR month!


  2. I remember my first 3 rounds of clomid! The hot flashes were the worst!! You definitely need to allow yourself to go through the motions no matter how long you have been trying. Infertility makes a month feel like years! My husband and I are not as far into our journey as you, for us a RE is just not in the budget at this point in time, but the struggle is rough no matter what! Hopefully I will see a lot of new year wishes come true 🙂 Good luck and keep your head up!


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