New Cycle: New Hope

So, the last month didn’t quite go as planned. As I explained here, the latest attempt to create the follicle response needed for an IUI didn’t happen like the doctors or us hoped. But, we met with the doctor, and he assured us that we shouldn’t lose hope, we shouldn’t let ourselves get too down, and we shouldn’t give up. He thinks the solution is simply timing the fertility drugs differently, hopefully not stimulating too many follicles, while still pushing them along the path to full maturity.

So here’s the plan for the next month. Right now the wife is going through the hell that is a progesterone shot. The nurse who did the shot for us one of the first times told us it hurts because it goes into the muscle and is oil-based, meaning it doesn’t spread as easily. In real-life terms that means my wife has spent the last 3 days sitting on a heating pad and massaging her “lower back” constantly trying to relieve the pain caused by the shot. If the shot works well she’ll have a period in about a week, if it doesn’t we’ll cold-start the cycle anyway. The progesterone shot hasn’t worked before, but the doctors are hoping that because she had some follicle growth this past month there will be enough estrogen for it to work. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

As for the upcoming cycle, it’s going to go slightly differently. Here’s what we learned from the past few months and what the doctor is doing to try and make this month THE month. First, we learned that front-loading the follistim created too many follicles. That’s bad because while we’re OK with twins, we’re not OK with quintuplets. We learned from last month that mid-loading the Follistim created the right amount of follicles, but my wife’s body needs the drugs to keep them growing, which is why the coasting didn’t work as intended. So, here’s the plan.

  • Femara for 5 days just like the past couple of cycles
  • Follistim on days 5, 7 and 9
  • Menapur on days 11 and 13

The doctor is hoping this will create the right amount of follicles (the mid-loading), and keep them growing to maturity (the job of the Menapur). We’ll have an ultrasound on days 10 and 14 to make sure it all works. I’m planning on writing something about Menapur later this week, depending on the holiday down-time.

As for everything else, the cancelation of the last month was hard. But, we have to keep our hopes up. I finally told my parents about what is going on and they had a surprisingly small amount of questions. I don’t know if I just caught my mom off-guard, or that she didn’t quite know what to say, but at least they know. At least now I can talk to them about it if I’m having a really hard time. I know my wife’s ability to talk with her mother is helpful. I expect my parents to ask more questions going forward, but so far all they’ve asked is how the wife is doing, if the drugs have any side effects and if they can do anything. Right now the answers are:

  1. Damn well considering
  2. The Femara makes her tired
  3. No, but thank you

I was sort of expecting more, but I think it’ll come with time. They’re not the kind to just take news like that and do nothing with it. I just hope that they remember that this is not a public conversation topic and not something they should be sharing with other people. I told them as much, and I think they’ll honor it, but we’ll see.

I have a feeling this is going to be a fruitful month. I can feel it.


One thought on “New Cycle: New Hope

  1. I think this is going to be a great month for you as well! Glad to read you told your parents. It will be a good outlet for you (at least I think… since I know you so well, ha) From what I’ve heard/read, it always takes a few “trys” while trying in our situation. Yay for wasted time/money. Well not wasted, but you know what I mean. Hoping the best for you two and sending positive thoughts and vibes your way!


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