How to Coast Like an Expert

So this is the very delayed update to this post from last week. We made our way through traffic Friday morning for the CD9 ultrasound. For reference, the wife was on Femara for 5 days and then did two 75ml injections of Follistim. We didn’t quite know what to expect going into the appointment because this is only the second cycle on both drugs and the first cycle that started with a period. We went in with the knowledge that if the follicles didn’t grow enough, they would tell my wife to do another injection or two and come back in a few days with the hope the extra drugs will really make the little suckers grow.

OK, back to Friday. We made it to the doctor barely on time after sitting in some horrible traffic. We get into a room quickly, at which point my wife promptly strips down out of her jeans and knickers and takes her spot on the paper-lined bench. I sit in the bench to her side, holding her pants like a good little husband. We wait like that, nervously waiting, her half naked, trying to guess the day’s results, for a good 10 minutes. It felt closer to an hour. Neither of us are that patient, especially when we think something good might happen.

But, anyway, the tech does her thing, my wife gets as comfy as possible, and then we start counting and measuring those follicles, which to us are like little nuggets of gold or diamonds. Next thing you know we’ve counted a dozen follicles over 8 millimeters, and five or 6 over 11 millimeters. Needless to say we were both happy, and I was a bit confused because as I’ve admitted here many times, I have no idea what numbers are good and what we’re shooting for. So I did some research and found that 18-22mm is what we’re shooting for, so 11mm at CD9 isn’t that bad.


The PA that we’ve been working with wasn’t there, so with that news we made an appoint for Monday (tomorrow), and were sent on our way. At this point I was still expecting my wife to have to do a shot or two, but that was just a guess. Well, as usual, I was wrong. Friday afternoon we get a call and were told not to do any more drugs and that we were going to be “coasting” until the Monday appointment. The reasons are that we don’t want to have too many follicles and they’re growing fast enough that they might make it the rest of the way on their own.

Not my wife's scan BTW
Not my wife’s scan BTW

I’m not good at coasting. I want to be doing something, I want my wife to be doing something, I want the doctor to be doing something. I hate not being able to do ANYTHING, but alas, I’m not the doctor, so I don’t get to make the choices. Plus, there’s really nothing for anyone to be doing anyway. But as I’ve said, I hate waiting, so here are my tips for husbands with wives that are being told to “coast” until the next appointment.

  1. Don’t think about it (harder than it seems)
  2. Try not to read everything ever written about follicle growth rates available (also hard)
  3. Don’t create follicle growth projections in your head
  4. Trust your wife (easy part)
  5. Trust your doctor (slightly harder)
  6. Make your next appointment for as early as possible ( we did this for sure)
  7. Remind yourself there is nothing you can personally do to make the follicles grow
  8. Watch some football (didn’t work for me, damn bowl game break)

We’re going back in tomorrow to see how the coasting has worked. We’re hoping to have 5-6 follicles over 15mm. If they’re not the right size they might have her do a shot or two, or maybe give her some estrogen to promote some growth. If everything going perfect, I might go in Wednesday to give my “donation”, and then the IUI could happen as early as Friday. If it all works out right, which I really have a good feeling about, this would be our first full IUI cycle and would be our best chance at creating a little human since this process began. This next week could come fast, so stay tuned. I know I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight.


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