The Fertile’s Guide to the Infertile’s World

Not my writing, so this is not 100% my thoughts, but some good info, thoughts, and feelings are included, so I thought it was worth a share.

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Let me start off by saying this is the majority NOT all and NOT me. I’m trying to explain how MOST woman feel about it from what I’ve seen. I am not like MOST women MOST of the time. That being said, let’s get started…

So since this is primarily (I think…no, I don’t know) a parenting mommy blog, I figured I’d take a moment to kinda go over the basics of the infertility journey and kind of a guide to understanding some things I will post about and so on…

Let me first start off this post with some short statements about the majority of couples dealing with infertility:

  1. the chance to get pregnant per cycle is 1 in 5 for healthy couples ages 18-30ish
  2. most couples live a good distance from a RE (reproductive endocrinologist)
  3. most couple do NOT have infertility coverage on their insurance
  4. only 15 states…

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