There Will Be Blood

We’ll call it a Thanksgiving miracle. Or maybe it’s just good karma from being nice with our families. Or it could be simply us being rewarded for our patience. Or most likely our doctors know what they’re doing and their strategies are finally working.

What am I talking about? Well, as of yesterday my wife had her first period in years. She had an upset stomach and a craving for Dairy Queen Wednesday night, but she wrote it off as a virus and normal cravings. But, yesterday afternoon I get a text saying that Aunt Flow had come to visit. This move forward is directly related to the high estrogen birth control¬†experiment that she started about 2 weeks ago. Needless to say, my wife has cramps and doesn’t feel that well physically, especially because it’s been so long since she’s had to deal with the crimson tide, but she’s happy the pills worked.

So what happens next? Well, we can officially call today Cycle-day 2 (CD2), meaning that the wife gets to start a new cycle of Femara and Follistim tomorrow. A week from today, CD9, she’ll go back to the doctor and test out the follicle growth. At that point they’ll adjust the drugs, and if everything goes right, set a date for the trigger shot and an IUI. The PA that the wife saw did say that starting the drugs with a period is “better” than cold-starting a cycle like we’ve done in the past.

I’m trying really hard to not get too excited, especially in front of the wife. I don’t want to get myself too high only to be let down. I also want to not get the wife’s hopes too high, just in case this takes a couple more months to get the drug dosages right. But, at the same time, this is really exciting, and it’s really hard not to look ahead to a potential IUI and pregnancy.

Updates will come when I know more.


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