Timing is Everything

In life, timing is everything. As after my wife’s appointment Monday we learned that the timing for this month is simply not going to work out. While everyone involved really wanted to get on the Femara, Follistim, Ovidrel, IUI path, our Thanksgiving holiday travel plans are forcing us to put everything off for a month.

Here’s why; during the fertility cycle my wife has  to come in for ultrasounds at least twice to check the follicles, adjust the medication, time the trigger shot, plus the actual IUI. Because of the fact we’re heading out of town to see our families this Thanksgiving, there is really no way to time the medications to have us in town for the appointments.

I’m not going to lie, this is a bit of a disappointment, an event that is forcing us to wait after many weeks of waiting, and it only adds to the frustration. I wish, and I know that my wife wishes, that we could somehow make the timing work and get this cycle moving. But alas, we have to trust our doctors, who really are looking out for our best interests.

But, because I’m an optimist, I have found a positive in all of this. We’re not just waiting until after Thanksgiving to get everything going again, instead my wife will be taking a high-estrogen birth control pill to try and jumpstart her period. Over the past few months, doctors have given her progesterone shots and pills to try and induce a period with no avail. But, this time around they’re trying something different. My wife’s blood test showed that she has low estrogen, which as we learned earlier, is directly tied to the buildup of the lining which when shed becomes the red menace. According to the NIH, low estrogen levels can be caused by everything from stress to not eating enough to over-exercising. We don’t think any of those apply to our case (except maybe stress), but I must admit that I didn’t really ask the doctors if they had a guess to why her levels were low. The idea with this high-estrogen pill is to try and boost that hormone, see if it builds up a thick lining and then see if her body will naturally cause it to shed.

Why is this good news you might ask? Because this is something we’ve never tried before. If this works and she has a period in 2-3 weeks, then this month will be immensely helpful down the line. If it doesn’t work, at least we can know that we tried something new and can learn from it. But anyway, that’s what’s happening. We’re being forced to wait, but at least this month we’ll get to wait with two big turkey dinners. Now, here is a picture of puppies, because they make everyone feel better.



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