New Month – New Opportunity

After 10 days of pills and 2 weeks (almost) of waiting for my wife’s (not so) monthly visitor (which never arrived), we’re finally set to start again on the process of kicking mother nature’s ass until she gets off her butt and starts working as promised again.

Monday, my wife is set to talk, meet and strategize with our fertility expert. Every month that we’ve been through this process, we’ve gotten closer to our goal, which is, of course, a pregnancy. Every time we’ve met with the doctors they’ve been exceptionally nice, positive, informative and quick. They’re really all we could ask for except being miracle workers who can turn our frowns upside down with a twitch of their noses.

Now it’s important to once again note that I am not a doctor, nor a fertility/infertility expert. But, at the same time, the general answers and instructions we’re expecting Monday are relatively east to predict, even from my minimally uninformed view.

First, Femara was Follistim were both exceptionally effective at doing what they’re meant to do, mostly create and grow follicles in both ovaries. So, I expect the doctors to prescribe both drugs once again. Last time around they were actually a little too effective, with an ultrasound finding more than 5 follicles that had the potential to turn into eggs.

From my perspective that was both good and bad news. Good news first, because everyone needs a little bit of good news, it means that the drugs worked, even if they worked a little bit too well. Because of the number of follicles the doctors actually told us to hold off for the month because if they did all turn into eggs it was possible we could become the new stars of a TLC reality show. The bad news is that for reasons unknown, none of them turned into eggs, meaning no ovulation, meaning even if we wanted to risk becoming parents of a basketball team, it wouldn’t have worked.

That leads me to my second prediction, the timing of the drugs will change, and on top of the femara and Follistim the doctors will also prescribe that’s commonly known as a trigger shot. The goals of these changes will be to both reduce the number of follicles while forcing the ones that do grow to become eggs and induce ovulation. Assuming this works, the doctors should (I say should as if I know anything at all) offer us the option of scheduling an IUI (which I’ll explain later) or simply going home and spending a lot of naked time together and making our ancestors hard.

I’m excited for Monday. It means the end of this period of waiting and not being able to do anything. It means the beginning of a month that could end with a pregnancy. But it’s also scary because it’s filled with unknowns and could leave us exactly where we are today with no new answers or progress. Every new cycle gives us the opportunity to reach our goal while also putting us in danger of extreme disappointment. Personally, I’m expecting, nay, demanding, progress forward over the next 4-5 weeks. The wife and I are stronger together, we’re stronger when we have goal dates and things to do (OK, she does it all, I just stand there and try to be supportive), and hopefully in a few weeks we’ll both be a lot happier. 



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