16 things not to say to people who are going through fertility treatment

While reading this list to my wife she just kept nodding her head and agreeing with each and every one. While we have not had all 16 said to us, mostly because we’re not telling the world about every detail (I’m not sharing this blog with friends or family at this point), I can fully understand why each and every one of these things, while said with good intentions, can come across as downright nasty or ignorant.

Making Baby Brown

Take this post how you will but I write this to inform opposed to venting… Well maybe a little venting but MOSTLY to educate those who may not understand the effects their usually well intentioned words may have on those trying hard to conceive.Some choose to keep their journey a secret and others share their journey with selected friends and families for support, but either way you do need to be mindful of what you say to childless women as you never know what they might be going through. I’ve been on the other side. I have been that friend who had no idea about infertility and have asked people if they were going to have a baby. I didn’t know any better. Now I do and I would love to share my knowledge from my personal experiences. Don’t be offended if you have said some of these to me (chances are you have…

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